Using a Non-Pharmaceutical Dietary Supplement

We are excited to announce that AARDS Research will be conducting a trial using an all natural dietary supplement to assist with reducing the signs and symptoms of COVID long hauler.

AARDS Research has been performing clinical research for the past 35 years and has conducted over 100 clinical trials. We have recently completed a long hauler trial using the medication leronlimab. Founded by Dr. Norman Gaylis, who has been treating long haulers since the beginning of the pandemic, the study will be conducted by the staff at AARDS Research.


For further details and the list of all ingredients please click here.

The dietary supplement (nutraceutical) is the result of research of scientists from the University of Tel Aviv. Based on their medical experience and Dr. Norman Gaylis’s clinical experience in treating long haulers, this dietary supplement has been formulated. This dietary supplement is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease, but rather help in reducing the signs and symptoms long haulers are experiencing. The ingredients contained in the dietary supplement are made from all natural ingredients and are all GRAS (generally recognized as safe) approved. A complete list of the ingredients can be found on the attached link. Participants are encouraged to check with their family physician before starting the product.

Participation in the research trial is voluntary and participants must show proof of a previous positive COVID test and be experiencing symptoms of COVID for greater than 12 weeks. Participants must be greater than 18 years of age and may not be pregnant or breastfeeding. The trial will be 6 weeks in duration and participants will be asked to take a dietary supplement (nutraceutical) containing all natural ingredients twice daily and then complete an on-line survey every two weeks describing any changes in their COVID symptoms. The participant will receive the product every two weeks in the mail after completing the on-line survey. This will continue for a period of six weeks.

An Informed Consent must be signed by the participant before starting the study and participants are encouraged to read the Informed Consent completely before signing.

Please enter the form to participate in the trial.
Only 100 volunteers to be enrolled

COVID trial

Long Hauler information:

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2. Have you been experiencing Covid symptoms for greater than 3 months?
3. Are you pregnant?
4. Are you breastfeeding?

You cannot participate if you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding.
Please make sure all of your questions are answered before beginning the trial.
Did the subject read and sign the Informed Consent

If you would like more information about participation in this study, you may contact the Research Department at 305-504-8536.

A member of the research staff can answer all of your questions.

If you are ready to participate, complete the Contact form and the Informed Consent page will be send and must be sign electronically .

You must then forward your proof of a previous positive COVID test to

*This product is not used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.