For your convenience, we have collected several of the questions our patients often ask about our services at Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease Specialties, our practice dedicated exclusively to the best care of rheumatologic conditions. We are located in Aventura (Miami, Florida).

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Office Policies

Q. What are the Office hours of Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease Specialties?

Answer:Our office is open from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Q. Is the office closed for lunch?

Answer: The office is closed from 12 m. to 1 pm. All calls will be forwarded to the answering service to be returned after 1 pm.

Q. What should I do if my prescription runs out over the weekend?

Answer: No routine prescriptions will be available for refill until Monday morning. Please check your supply before the weekend.

Q. Who is responsible for obtaining the referral?

Answer: The patient is responsible for ensuring that the referral is available at the time of the scheduled appointment.

Q. When will my copay be collected?

Answer: The copay must be paid at each visit before the service is rendered. If you are unsure of the amount which is expected, please call the office before your visit to verify the amount.

Q.If my insurance benefits change, how do I notify the office?

Answer: It is the patient’s responsibility to keep the office informed of any change in name, address, phone number or insurance benefits.

Q. What is the closest hospital?

Answer: The office is located on the campus of the Aventura Hospital and Medical Center. The physicians are on staff at the hospital.

Our address is: 21097 NE 27th Court, Aventura FL 33180

Testing and Patient Care

Q. How many hours do I have to fast for my blood tests?

Answer:Most times it will not be necessary to fast for the serology tests ordered by the Rheumatologist.

Q. Will the rheumatologist refill my blood pressure medication?

Answer: The rheumatologist will not refill any prescription that he/she does not prescribe. It is necessary to have a primary care physician who will provide overall medical care for each patient.

Q. Should I put heat or ice on my joint to relieve pain?

Answer: Most times ice applied in 20 minute intervals will help to relieve pain after a joint injection and reduce swelling to inflamed joints. Take care not to apply the ice directly to the skin.

Q. If I have cold or flu symptoms will my rheumatologist prescribe an antibiotic?

Answer: Each patient should contact their primary care physician for routine medical care.

Q. Is a bone scan the same as a bone density scan?

Answer: No, the bone density test is ordered to determine if you are at risk for osteoporosis.

Q. How frequently should I have a bone density test?

Answer: In most cases the test should be done every two years unless you are currently taking medication for osteoporosis and then the test needs to be performed annually so that changes can be made to your treatment plan as needed.

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