We are proud of the continuous positive feedback from satisfied patients since 1981.

At Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases Specialties we are passionate about treating all patients and improving their quality of life. We rely on a speedy diagnosis to start the road back to active life.

As leaders in our field, we continually contribute to the development of new treatments and protocols through our clinical studies. The satisfaction of performing clinical research is twofold since it allows us to help patients in need of new treatment alternatives in the short term, but in the long term, results in the approval and application of better courses of treatment.

Patient Video Testimonials


“Dear Mr. Hedrick,

I am taking the opportunity at this very special time of the year to please ask you to convey my appreciation to every member of the staff and especially for the privilege of having Mr. Ronald Yglesias as my doctor.

My first visit with Dr. Yglesias was due to my left knee, at the time I had given up on it. For years I had visited many specialists, had arthroscopic surgery, massages, electrodes, injections, laser, creams, knew my knee was practically bone on bone. Then one day I heard about your office and got an appointment to see Dr. Yglesias.

It did take a few visits and some trials and patience from both of us, but today “I can shout to the world” that since my last treatment I can walk fairly well, the inflammation in and around my knees is totally gone and most importantly no pain.

Before I finish may I add the qualities I’ve found in Ronald Yglesias MD: knowledge, dedication, understanding his patients, excellent manners, a caring and humble heart.

Congratulations to all in your medical office, and may your specialists keep on bringing Health and with it Happiness into many homes. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.


Ana I. S.”

“Dear Doctor Gaylis,

I take this opportunity to congratulate you on employing Julie Keegan Strosser, PA-C to serve in your office.

Julie Keegan Strosser, PA-C is a credit to your offices’ patient centered treatment. I have seen many doctors in my life and very few are patient centered. She hears what the patient has to say and listens empathetically to the patient’s complaints.

I am convinced that one of the keys to any patient’s feeling better, is that, they feel their care giver is genuinely interested in their situation and involves the patient in marking decisions about their care. Julie Keegan Strosser is that person.

Approximately a year ago I left this office and now I am back with the change of personnel and will remain thanks to Julie Keegan Strosser , PA-C. Thank you doctor Gaylis.”

“I have been coming to the office of Dr. Gaylis for the past 11 years and have been receiving treatment for my RA since that time. We have tried numerous therapies to make me feel good and I have enjoyed the challenge of staying fit and mobile.The staff is caring and many of the employees have been there for many years.Thank you again for taking care of me.”

“Dear Dr. Gaylis,

To just say thank you to you seems inadequate. Having dealt with so much pain, wrong diagnosis and minimal or no help, I was trying hard not to feel helpless and then Teddy told me about you and how exceptional a doctor you are and though I’ve only seen you once, I can understand why he speaks so highly of you. I’ve had numerous injections in my knee, and yours was the only one that I experienced absolutely no pain. For the first time, I feel that I’m being treated as a whole person and someone is looking out for what’s best for me. I am very grateful to be your patient.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Gaylis for the past 6 years. I have been treated by everyone in the office with respect and kindness. Dr. Gaylis has a tremendous amount of experience and I respect his advice and decision making in terms of my treatment. I thank everyone in the office for my good health.”

Written Testimonials:

In May 2013 I received PRP treatment from Dr. Norman Gaylis. I had suffered for nearly 18 month with severe tendinitis of both elbows. I had previously had steroid injections which offered excellent temporary relief, but after several months the pain always returned with a vengeance. I was unable to lift daily objects, including my morning cup of coffee.Dr. Gaylis recommended I try the PRP treatment. He explained the procedure in detail, possible outcomes, and my responsibilities as a patient.

After having the procedure I experienced a few days of discomfort and at exactly 2 weeks following the procedure I noticed I was not having as much pain. This decrease in pain continued over the next several weeks and at 2 months post procedure I was 100% pain free. I have returned to any and all activities and am thrilled that pain and discomfort are no longer part of my life. I give the highest praise to Dr. Gaylis and his staff and highly recommend this treatment if it has been suggested to be an option for you. I am now free to live a pain free life and do all the activities I love.

– L.N.

Dr. Gaylis, Before saying that you an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being. Thanks for showing so much care and concern.

I know it’s a little late, but I hope your Christmas was a merry one and that the new year is going very well. I feel very fortunate to have you as my doctor. With best wishes,

– M.

As a last resort, my doctor (who is an amazing, caring physician in my opinion) suggested we try an infusion of a medication called Remicade(a biologic) to treat my severe rheumatoid arthritis, which was coupled with Methotrexate.

It has been a great experience to “work” with the nurses Lorie and Kristine to achieve what I am hoping will be a “more or less-hopefully more” miraculous help in addressing my RA symptoms.

If the medication does as fantastic a job as the staff of Infusion and Immunotherapy Center of South Florida and my doctor of Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease Specialist, then there will be miraculous things that are forthcoming with this disease, and all because of the caring staff and welcoming environment of the IICSS. This, as well as the plan for administering the innovative treatment for RA will provide with these newer medications that are on the horizon, real hope of healing.

Thanks to all of you at IICSS!

– M.F.A.

The environment is relaxing and friendly, the nurses Lorie and Kristina make you feel at home. Great place while you get your IV Infusion.

Infusion staff is friendly, courteous and attentive. Quiet, calm and relaxing atmosphere. Will return every month for my infusion.

– J.T.

First, I hope I spelled everyone’s name correct and didn’t leave anyone out.

I was at your Infusion office last week for my first dose of IVIG.

While I was not worried, I have to say it all went fine. The office ran on time and all the workers were just great. Being an office manager, I tend to pick up on everything in other offices. When greeted with a smile upon arriving; you know its probably going to be a good day. The girls were professional and at the same time I felt I had known them for a while. I was comfortable, cared for great and it was an all around good day.

I wanted to say thank you to all the girls who were part of my care. You work great together and things went smooth( the way it should for patients). I am not usually on the other side, but I was today and I thank you all for everything you did. All of you deserve acknowledgment for the endless work you do. It may not look like much, but it’s detailed and not just anyone can step into any of your roles. You are constantly on the move. I also watched how you treated other patients as well. It’s obvious how much they care for all of you too.

– M.L.

Patient Letters