Telemedicine Appointments Now Available for Your Visits With Your Doctors

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Attention all patients of Arthritis & Rheumatic Disease Specialties:
During this difficult time, we want to make you aware that we are trying our best to continue to provide the necessary rheumatological services. We will continue to keep the office open daily subject to your health and that of the staff.

We do want to tell you that all of our Providers will be available to do a video Telemedicine visit with you using your cell phone, computer or iPad, if you have the capability of communicating with the office in this manner. Each Telemedicine visit is performed at a scheduled appointment time, which is convenient for you. You can make this type of appointment by calling the office at 305-652-6676 and speaking with one of the front desk personnel. If the staff is busy, please leave a message and someone will call you back within the hour to schedule your Telemedicine appointment.

The procedure for this type of video visit is simple and the staff can explain it to you in a few minutes. By creating this Telemedicine visit option, we hope to make it easier to provide for your healthcare using a simple convenient approach. Once you make a video Telemedicine appointment, you will be sent a link to your phone, computer or iPad for the visit. You just click on the link at the time of your appointment and your Doctor/Provider will join you for the face to face office visit.

Please call the office for further information about Telemedicine, stay well and protect yourself and your family against the virus.

Norman B. Gaylis, M.D., and Staff